The BTB Health Systems Webinar Series

Webinar Series Subscription is available as an adjunct to the Modular education series. 

Webinar Series Subscription is $19.99/mo. 

  •  If you wait, you'll pay $39.99 for single webinars.

Stay Current On Latest Research

Webinars provide education between modules.

Experience live webinars and lifetime access to replays.

Bonus and specialty webinars included in monthly subscriptions.

Presented by doctors in the trenches and leaders of our industry.

About The Webinar Series Offer

We’ve put together the Webinar Series Subscription to offer you consistent education at consistent price, which you have access to replays and notes. These webinars are separate from but enhance the Modules. Webinar Series Subscription is $19.99/mo. 

The membership platform will be as follows. 

  • 1 webinar covering the previous module 
  • 1 webinar preparing for the upcoming module 
  • Specialty and bonus webinars

  The timeframe per webinar will range from approximately 30 to 90 minutes depending on topic and made be made into multi-part series.

It includes:

  • 2 Webinars Between Modules

These webinars are conducted live, and you have 24/7 access to the replays.

  • Additional Notes From Lectures 

Notes from the lecturer, as well as slide decks in the form of PDFs will be available (as provided by the presenter).

  • Continuous Review

Case studies, case reviews, diagnostics, nutrition, and lab interpretation.

What's The Catch?

There isn’t one. Just say YES to the Webinar Series Subscription for $19.99/mo.

Why Won't You Enjoy This Subscription?

This Webinar Series Subscription isn’t for everyone. If you're not interested in being a leader in this field, then this package won't be right for you..

  •  If you wait, you'll pay $39.99 for single webinars.