These are some of our most frequently asked questions.

My streaming is not working!

Per our system tracking, we only had one 10 second interruption of streaming service, confirmed by multiple streaming devices throughout the country. We have our system of checks and balances for streaming purposes. We’ve found that in most cases, it’s usually a wifi bandwidth/speed issue, or that there’s too much being utilized on the computer itself.

Tips to enhance the experience:

  • Hard wire your computer to the modem (plug it in with a cable), so you’re not using wifi.
  • Open only the streaming page during the streaming to eliminate other computer resources.
  • Attend in person when you can.
  • Recommended browsers are Chrome and Safari.

NOTE: We’re recording the streaming presentations and having them available for replay. They’ll be named and organized in the order they were given. Notes will be updated, as all presenters have been modifying their presentations to give the most up-to-date information coming up to their section.

Where’s my email?

Please check your SPAM, Junk, and Clutter folders, as well as the promotions tab. AOL and Hotmail are notorious for assuming every email you receive is junk. Emails with .edu tend to have a firewall preventing receipt of emails. Our emails are delivered from If you cannot find your email from us, please send a note to and ask for some help. Sometimes, there are typos in email addresses that need to be corrected also.

I applied for Student Status but I haven’t heard back?

See the FAQ above. Beyond that, sometimes students haven’t uploaded their documentation. To date, every student who has applied has been corresponded to. Please email if you haven’t received information.

Where do I find my receipts?

Receipts and invoices are emailed to you. Please see FAQ #1. Sometimes ISPs see these email as junk because there are dollar signs in them or that you’re being asked for money. Silly, yes, but sometimes that’s how the world works.

We have provided you with invoices and subscription information right here on the website. Simply login and go to My Account, where you can view these  invoices, subscriptions, change/update your credit card and information.

My login isn’t working.

From time to time, technology glitches. Occasionally, people will sign up with multiple email addresses. This will negatively affect the process. Please email if you cannot login, so we can investigate why.

I didn’t receive a login.

Please see FAQ #1 to make sure you’ve received your email.. If you did receive an email and it contains no password, make sure you’ve made a purchase. If you have, please email so we can track down the missing password.

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