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An advanced clinical applications system for practitioners looking to take their practice to the next level.

Our doctors are industry leaders in functional neurology, functional medicine, advanced nutrition, specialty lab testing, and low level laser therapy and make it easy to implement new concepts into your clinic immediately.

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Our courses are perfect for Practitioners and Students of any healthcare sector who want to advance their clinical understanding and step up their game to the next tier of healthcare.

In the BTB Learning Center we have Video-on-Demand playback with notes available 24/7 the week following every live event, and all modules available for purchase at any time following the live event.

We cover everything from Clinical Applications to Condition Specific Protocols to Business and Marketing Strategies in each seminar. Leaving our seminars you will have the tools you need to attract the patients you want, help the patients you have, and grow to the practice you want to be.

BTB Health Systems is a program led by doctors running busy practices who have come together to bring you the most clinically relevant and integrated program of healthcare systems in the world.

“We designed this program with the clinician in mind. It is designed to take you as a clinician and business person from start to finish when working with a diverse patient base. It is practical, integrative and cutting edge.”

Sincerely, Your Integrative Healthcare Team Dr. Brandon Brock DNP, DC, NP-C, RN Dr. Trevor Berry DC, DACNB Dr. Russell Teames DC, DACNB

We have listened to hundreds of learners leave educational seminars wanting more, wanting to know how to implement the strategies they just learned. A very select few people often figure this out, but nobody is spelling it out for them.

We take the guess work out of seminars with our clinical approach. You immediately know how to speak to patients with the new information from the seminars. You know how to schedule, you know how to set your value, you know how to work with each patient presenting with each condition. If you don’t, we have a vast network of practitioners working at a very high level to bring the most value to you and to your practice.

  • Nutrition
  • Neurology
  • Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Testing
  • Unprecedented Therapeutic Laser Technology
  • Integrated Practice Management Strategies to Improve Your Success

You will want to be on-site at the seminar. The information shared is invaluable and live streaming can only capture the presentations. Brushing shoulders with some of the most experienced doctors on the planet who are down to earth and want nothing more than to help you help your patients is an experience that should be done in person if possible. Take it from our live attendee testimonials below.

We strive to provide you with clinically relevant techniques and concepts that you can begin putting into practice the very next day. We plan on providing regional workshops to help hone the skills set forth in these modules, solidifying these practices physically and mentally.

In each module, you will learn:

  • neurophysiology and pathophysiology
  • neuroendocrine-immune physiology and pathophysiology
  • nutritional interventions to address these areas of breakdown
  • medication indications, interactions, effects, contraindications as well as  side effects
  • effective rehabilitation protocols that are clinically and scientifically sound
  • new therapies, testing, products, approaches that arise throughout the program

If you’re looking to take your practice and business to the next level, this is the course you’ve been waiting for. Everything from business strategies to practical application all in 1 seminar. CEU’s coming soon for Chiropractic, Chiropractic Neurology Board and Medical licensing!

I’ve been attending seminars and modules in neurology and nutrition for over 25 years and this is the first time I didn’t fall asleep and  in fact was blown away at the clinical application presented.
Learner, Scottsdale, AZ
The level of clinical application in this seminar was enormous. Most companies go deep into the education of pathways and physiology, but these guys showed you how to put it into practice in the real world.
Learner, San Francisco, CA
The section on laser physiology was worth it’s weight in gold let alone the rest of the seminar.  I can’t wait to put these protocols into practice!
Learner, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Congratulations on your first seminar! It means so much to me to be able to call on you and your team for help with clinical management of my patients, complex conditions, and ever changing business strategies. Thank you!
Learner , Utah
“The practitioners in highest demand and getting results where others can’t are those that are able to integrate every system and function in the human body in their diagnosis and clinical applications. While many healthcare providers have become ultra specialized, BTB systems will help you expand your practice to levels you never thought possible.”
Dr. Trevor Berry, Arizona Chiropractic Neurology Center

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Burden Reduction

The topics discussed are all an economic burden globally. As integrated practitioners, we are in a position to address this burden better than anyone on the planet. The need for integrated practitioners is upon us. Become the solution.



Not only are we integrating game-changing lab testing and nutritional interventions that are now more accessible to you and your patients, we are also integrating the medical world with specialty therapies like low level laser therapies for pain, Brain-Gut Axis, TBI, Stroke, and Neurodegeneration.

Global Impact

Neurodegeneration is one of the leading causes burdening the healthcare crisis led by Alzheimer’s Diseaseand other dementia at over $243 Billion dollars per year. Parkinson’s disease and Parkinson-like diseases follow suit and continue to rise. This is the most integration from all things medical the world has ever seen. It’s time to change the world.

Integration of healthcare management is imperative for the evolution of modern medicine with neurological rehabilitation protocols, nutritional strategies and cutting edge laser therapies, integrating with comprehensive lab testing with affordable, cutting edge companies dedicated the the clinician with rapid response times and accurate results.


In module 1, we discuss the very nature of neurodegenerative patients, their caregivers, their goals (what they tell you and what they don’t), bedside manner and approach as well as managing the practice to be able to effectively provide for these patients on your schedule.

Learn to integrate nutrition, neurology, cutting edge diagnostic testing and laser therapies into your practice and revolutionize your practice management strategies with concepts from every seminar. In each course, our goal is for you to walk into your clinic the following week with 5-10 clinical applications and the confidence in handling cases of this nature.









Revolutionize Your Practice

Our seminars are designed for every level of practitioner so you can implement clinical and business strategies immediately into your practice.